corat.coret amburadul.lah

my diary today july 04 2011

this day is the first time I’ll do my new actifity.
because this day, I start to work at easy media Mataram.

my posision as a accounting in this goverment. actually, I don’t have experience as a accounting.. but i’ll try this job.. cause, this is a challenge for me.
I like a challenge in my life..

hmm.. I like my jod, because I can do  my exercise the other..

but, sometime I feel shine, cause I don’t know what must I do .. heheE

whereas, they doing many job, im cleaning the room, and khan making a letters ,opps,, maybe, that is a proposal..yea, khan has editing a proposal.

and me ????
what must I do ???
I so confuse, .
so.. I writte this diary,,
yea my diary today,,
about my first experience on work.
keep fight taata ^^,


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